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The Clean Plumber - Our Story

The Clean Plumber Our Story

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You see, at first we too were just like all the other plumbers…

We showed up late, dressed like slobs, had B.O. and left your house like a pig sty… Well one day I was tired of being like other plumbers and I decided that for us to have an edge on the other plumbing companies, we would need to do things differently and focus on what our customers really want. We desperately needed to reinvent ourselves. I gathered my team and we brainstormed, contacting our existing clients to find out what people hate most about plumbers. As you can imagine there was no shortage of feedback. It came in from left, right and centre. Have a look below. I bet you can relate to some of these.

  • Nobody likes tradespeople who show up late.
  • People hate having their house left in a mess after the tradespeople leave muddy boot prints, dirty sinks, cigarette butts and piles of rubbish everywhere.
  • Not knowing what you’re going to be charged and then being slugged with extra bills at the end.
  • Not explaining to you what they’re actually doing and not treating you or your property with respect.

This was just some of the feedback that we had received. From this feedback the concept of “The Clean Plumber” was born.


Turn up on time

We promise to turn up on time, or your plumbing is FREE. No matter how big the job is, no conditions, even if we are 1 minute late, your plumbing is FREE.

Fixed Price

We give you an upfront fixed price to complete the job, so you pay no more than you expect.

Clean and smelling Fresh

Your house will be left spotless without a trace of us ever being there, sparkling clean and smelling fresh.

Friendly Support

You will be treated with utmost respect by our plumbers who will introduce themselves by name, are polite, well dressed and do not smoke on your premises.

Providing a service like this isn’t easy, it has been especially difficult to select all the right plumbers as not everyone is “Clean Plumber Material” but by hand-selecting every employee, we’re proud to be known as the most elite plumbing team in the city.

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